RJ Mitte Talks The Breaking Bad Season Three Finale and Beyond

The actor who plays Walt Jr. on the award winning AMC series discusses the finale of season three and what fans can expect from season four

For three seasons actor RJ Mitte has played Walt Jr., son of Emmy Winner Bryan Cranston's Walter White on AMC's award winning series Breaking Bad. On the show, Mitte's character was born with cerebral palsy and suffers from speech and motor difficulties. In real life, Mitte himself has a mild case of cerebral palsy but has overcome that set back with his great attitude and dedication to his craft. A lot has happened already on the hit series this year and with five episodes left, there are sure to be a lot more surprises in store for your favorite characters leading into their recently announced forth season.

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This year, fans have watched as Skylar (Anna Gunn) and Walter's marriage continues to disintegrate and most recently, they witnessed an assassination attempt on the life of DEA officer and Walt's brother-in-law, Hank (Dean Norris). Whether Hank will ultimately survive or not and what the future holds for the White's, are just a few of the questions fans hope to have answered before Breaking Bad's season three finale entitled Full Measure on June 13th. We recently had a chance to sit down with RJ Mitte and asked the actor to give us a few hints about what fans can expect from the last few episodes of this season and from the show in the future. Here is what he had to say:

To begin with, what can fans of the show expect leading up to these final five episodes of the season? Can you give us a hint as to what we might see happen and are their any major deaths coming up that are going to rock the foundation of the show?

RJ Mitte: Well if you've seen the earlier episodes, these two cousins almost take out my Uncle and that's definitely going to have a tremendous effect on the family even more than it already has. You're going to see Dean Norris' character, Hank, go through a lot of physical changes and mental changes as well and it's going to be very strange and very dangerous for the whole family. That's why I love our show, our finales are very, very drastic and this year will affect a lot of episodes. We have one episode that is a pretty interesting episode that everybody is going to be scratching there heads about, but it's going to be really good. Vince Gilligan and all of the writers are completely insane. Vince was on the The X-Files so there is that quality that has been integrated into the show, which will bring in a whole new aspect and you're definitely going to see that aspect in the latter episodes. You will see the creativity of our writers and you will really see the genius of our writing and directing crew?

There are quite a few clues that we can assess from closely watching the more subtle elements of the show, such as a painting of a stairway to heaven in Jesse's hospital room. Is this subtly telling us that Jesse might not be around for much longer?

RJ Mitte: You never know. With our show ... a lot of people don't know this but in our original pilot, Jesse never woke up from that head injury. The way our show works is anyone can die at any time. Bryan's not going to live forever. Anna is slowly getting mixed up into this crowd and she's not going to live forever and Jr. is not going to live forever. Hank as you can see is in the ICU. A lot of people have pickup up on this but our last episode was called I See You. If you put that together it means the ICU where Dean Norris is now. With our show, anyone can be gone at any second. It's real life. We show how destructive crystal meth is. We try to bring as much life to the show as possible.

Since anyone can be killed off at anytime, do you ever get worried for your own job?

RJ Mitte: No. Hopefully I will learn when I will die but it is still scary because it could happen in any episode. I really hope I get to spend as much time as I can on this show but as I said anyone could be killed at anytime.

You guys recently got picked up for season four so what direction do you think the show is going to take next year and how do you see Walt Jr. transforming and changing between now and then?

RJ Mitte: I would love to see more of my character's life. There is not too much that we know about what is going on and we haven't really discussed too much about him. So my character is uncharted actually. I have ideas and I would like to see my character meet a girl. Jesse can't be the only character with a girlfriend.

That's a good point, we never see too much of Walt Jr.'s life outside of the home. When is that going to be addressed and what sort of surprises can we expect to see out of Walt Jr. in this area?

RJ Mitte: I have talked to the writers a little bit about it. It's going to be a surprise but we might get to see that in the forth season. There will be some strong and interesting moments for Walt Jr. coming up. My own opinion for Walt Jr. is that it is going to get wild. You have a sixteen year old in the middle of a new drug lord and then a mom who just had a baby and is smuggling money so what's going to happen there? It's going to, from what I understand, get pretty wild.

Do you envision Walt Jr.'s parents getting back together before the end of the series and do you think that relationship can endure mending?

RJ Mitte: I think that you'll need to tune in to the future episodes. Some of it will be addressed this season. You're definitely going to see that addressed in some of the episodes but it's definitely going to be addressed this season. It's going to catch you off guard with what happens.

Walt Jr. is harboring quite a bit of anger towards his mother at this point, how damaged do you think that relationship is and is there potential for that relationship to grow back into something important?

RJ Mitte: I think it's pretty well damaged. Any relationship that is damaged can always come back together and will always mend but I think at the moment Jr. feels betrayed. No one is telling him anything and it is just hurting him emotionally. When you build that emotion up it manifests in different ways and it's hitting him really hard. He kind of takes it out on his father in the hospital room. The emotions that have been building up are just kind of sad but I do think that in latter episodes he will come to understand this. One of my favorite scenes is about to come up and it's not really a happy scene but it's more of you seeing a different side of Walt Jr.

What do you envision Walt Jr.'s reaction being when he finally learns that his dad is a drug dealer, that he lied about the money coming into the website and that he betrayed Walt Jr.'s mother?

RJ Mitte: That is not going to be addressed this season. This season is more about addressing Hank and his well being. It's more involved with the family and what is going to happen to Hank. You're going to see Dean Norris put on one of the best performances that I've ever seen. It could go anywhere. After playing Walt Jr. for three years I kind of have my own mindset on what I think he would do. It would be disappointing to realize, and an eye opener for him to realize that all these people from all around the world actually don't care about his dad. It's going to be an eye opener to realize that no one really cared. It's kind of inhumane to see that and I'm sure he'll be devastated but that's the world we live in and it's factual.

Finally, we've seen that Hank has given Walt Jr. a book about Pablo Escobar, is this foreshadowing the fact that Walt Jr. could end up inheriting his father's business someday?

RJ Mitte: Maybe Walt Jr. will grow up to be DEA or maybe he'll grow up to be a drug dealer? It could go either way. It will happen in future seasons and I'm hoping for at least three more seasons. Since our show is day-by-day, not much time has passed and I would like to see everyone's characters transform and show what everyone's hands are?