While promoting his latest drama We Own the Night, Robert Duvall took a few minutes out of his day to tell me about his upcoming AMC series that revolves around the Pony Express. Here is what he had to say about it:

Other than Deadwood, there hasn't really been a contemporary weekly western series. Have you ever thought about doing one?

Robert Duvall: I wouldn't call Deadwood a western. Some people liked it, but I didn't care for that at all.

You didn't like that show?

Robert Duvall: I hated it. I didn't even watch it, because I didn't like it. I spent time on my uncle's ranch. I spent time around these people. We've just made a deal with AMC to make a continuing series like that on the Pony Express. It is very fascinating. It's just in the beginning stages. The guy that did Band of Brothers is coordinating that. It could be very interesting.

Something like that hasn't really been done before.

Robert Duvall: No. They are making the pilot, and if it is popular, it will continue on. The Pony Express is very patriotic. It is very American. It brought the country together. It is about mail, which is something that we always need. I would be in on that as one of the producers.

But you don't think you would star in it?

Robert Duvall: Hmm, I think I would do something. I can be sort of the rural Alec Guinness. But my company is trying to get into television. Everything that we get into, I'm not going to be in. They would like me to be. But I am not going to do that. I will produce it. And it will be a source of income. I'm interested in doing high quality stuff. You know Cracker, its from England. We are trying to do that show in the states. But the tag line of the Pony Express, that was "Riders wanted, orphans preferred." It was really amazing. The stories are great. It only lasted for about three months, and then the telegraph came. It will take awhile to get the series off the ground.

We Own the Night opens October 12th, 2007.