I recently had the honor to speak with Robert Forster about the new Blu-ray release of Jackie Brown on October 4. I also asked him about his role in the upcoming series Alcatraz, which debuts midseason on Fox. Take a look at what he had to say about his character, Ray Archer, below.

"Well, I possess some of the secrets which will be revealed, eventually, in the series. I run a bar, I am the father figure of the lead girl, Sarah Jones, and I was, in the story, a guard at Alcatraz, before I transferred into the San Francisco Police Department and became a detective. Sarah Jones decided she wants to be a detective too. I am retired and run a bar. When they shoot that bar, I go up to Vancouver and shoot it and when I'm not in the bar, I come back to Los Angeles. It's my part-time job, but I do possess some knowledge of the events that lead to the mystery of what Alcatraz is about. It's a real fun series. There is a lot going on."
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The actor also said he won't be in every episode of Alcatraz this season, but we'll see him quite a bit.

"I'm contracted to be in 10 out of the 13, so I won't be in all of them, but when they need me, I'll go up to shoot it and then come back down."

CLICK HERE to read my full interview with Robert Forster. Alcatraz debuts sometime in January or February 2012 on Fox.