Ron Perlman discusses Sons of Anarchy Season 4I recently had the privilege of speaking with {0}, who is promoting the theatrical release of the stylized action movie {1}, which hits theaters on September 30 and is currently available on VOD formats. We also spoke about his hit FX series {2}, which is currently airing new {3} episodes on Tuesday nights at 10 PM ET. Here's what the actor who plays Clay Morrow had to say about this season, and how long he wants the series to run for.
"Well, I would say that after this season plays out, I can't imagine what there is to tell (Laughs). So much is dealt with and so much is unearthed, it's mind-boggling. It feels like the end, but, hopefully, we still have three more years to go. (Series creator) Kurt (Sutter) is a whole lot smarter than I am. He uses something that feels like a denouement, but it really is the jumping-off point for the next chapter. The things that Clay does in this season, boggle even my mind. All of the filters are off, all the gloves are off. This is hardcore stuff that is about to happen, and has happened since the minute they got released from prison. As for where it goes... I can only say stay tuned."

Stay tuned for my full interview with Ron Perlman for his new movie Bunraku in the very near future. Sons of Anarchy airs on Tuesday nights at 10 PM ET on FX.

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