I recently had the chance to speak with Ryan Kwanten over the phone for his superhero tale Griff the Invisible, which arrives on Blu-ray and DVD November 15. We also talked about two of his upcoming movies for next year, Knights of Badassdom and 7500, the later of which recently started production.

Here's what he had to say about Knights of Badassdom.

"I have just seen little snippets here and there. I'm probably just as amped as all those Comic-Con people are to see it. I know they're probably looking at midway through next year to release it, but the experience itself was great. To get to work with great actors like Peter Dinklage and Steve Zahn was extraordinary. We actually had this real melting pot of modern-day character actors and comedians working on this film. We got very lucky and I'm very curious to see how it actually comes together."

When I told him that I saw the first trailer and a clip from the movie, he was glad I thought it was hilarious.

"Oh, that's good! Sometimes, obviously you can imagine shooting that stuff at the time, you really have to suspend disbelief and think that you are in that world. Sometimes, when you watch it back, you hope the audience is with you, but that's great to hear."

We also spoke about 7500, Takashi Shimizu's new horror project about a flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo where passengers must deal with an evil supernatural force aboard the plane. Here's what he had to say about 7500 below.

"You're actually talking to me on my lunch break for 7500. We're six days in, and it's going sensationally well. It's a film that's set pretty much entirely on a plane, a flight from L.A. to Tokyo. It turns out to be the flight you definitely don't want to be on. Anyone who was scared of flying before, will not want to go anywhere near an airport. We're in the hands of Takashi Shimizu, who did The Grudge, and he's definitely got an eye for knowing how to scare people."

I also asked him if the supernatural being will be done with practical effects, or with CGI.

"He's sort of notorious for doing most of it practical. That's just how he likes to work. One of the most scary things about the film is that it's based on an actual event. There have been quite a few documented cases of planes going down, which we allude to in the film. All will be revealed."

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