For the past few years, actor Sam Rockwell has been charming audiences with his relentless charisma and smart character choices, starring in films of both large and small scale, but dominating in each. Whether the loveable villain of Charlie's Angels or the self-loathing hitman of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Rockwell has seemingly snuck through the back entrance of the Hollywood scene, cementing himself as a talent with immense staying power.

In his latest role as the con-man Frank in Ridley Scott's newest film, Matchstick Men, Rockwell shares the screen with the equally talented Nick Cage and the emerging Alison Lohman.

Lights Out recently caught up with Rockwell, who had nothing but praise for the father-daughter con film and all its participating talent.

He begins, however, by playing down the well-publicized con-man aspect. "It's not really a con movie, actually. I think it's more of a relationship movie, between Alison and Nick