Samm Levine is coming off a successful 2009 after being one of the celebrated "basterds" of Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds and 2010 looks to be an even bigger success for the actor. We caught up with Levine on the red carpet of the Streamy Awards last night in downtown Los Angeles and the actor told us about a new film of his coming out that we had previously not heard much about before, Drones.

"I have a movie called Drones, which we're having a little premiere for here in Los Angeles on Tuesday night," Levine said. "If they want to get tickets, they can go to It costs a little bit of money, but 100% goes to charity, so if anyone is in the L.A. area and want to come, they definitely should. It's at the Egyptian Theater."

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He went on to describe the film, and it certainly sounds like a very original take on the "office comedy" genre.

"Drones is a sci-fi office comedy," Levine explained. He added, "If you work in an office and you're convinced everyone in that office must be from outer space... well, what if they were. That's Drones."

If you're not in the L.A. area tomorrow night and can't see Levine's new film Drones, you can also see him on the small screen on Tuesday night, with his brief cameo in this week's Lost episode.

"I'm going to be on Lost this Tuesday, in an itty-bitty blink-and-you'll miss me cameo," Levine revealed. "But it was so much fun to shoot, because it's my favorite show on television."

I also had to ask if there was any more talk about a sequel to Inglourious Basterds, but sadly Levine had no news to report, although he said he would share if he had heard anything about the sequel.

"There's always talk, but, unfortunately, I know as much as you guys do," Levine said. "Believe me, if I heard anything, I'd be happy to spill the beans."

One of Levine's earlier, short-lived TV projects Freaks and Geeks still has quite a cult following, so I also asked the actor if there was any chance of a reunion.

"We did a live panel reunion about three years back in San Francisco, so maybe something like that will happen, but there will be no TV reunion," Levin revealed.

He also told us about a new web series he's starring in called Vamped Out, which just was made available online starting today. The series was co-created by actor Kevin Pollak, who also directed the pilot, and Jason Antoon, who stars as a two-bit actor who can't get cast as a vampire in films... despite being an actual vampire. Levine plays his eccentric manager. You can watch the first episode of this brand new series on the video player below.