Samuel L. Jackson is Nick Fury
In 2001, when Marvel Comics was creating their new "Ultimate" line of graphic novels that would feature a more realistic version of the Marvel Universe, they asked Oscar Nominated actor and all-around badass Samuel L. Jackson if he would consent to lending his likeness to the character of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, and all-around badass Nick Fury. The actor and admitted comic book fan agreed to let Marvel use his image so it only made sense that they would also approach him to play the character on the big screen as well. Fans were delighted to see the actor portray the role, albeit in a extremely brief cameo, during the end credits of '2008s Iron Man but it left them wondering when we would finally get to see Fury in all of his badass glory on the silver screen? Well, fans hoping to see Jackson's Fury get in on the action and kick some major ass in next month's Iron Man 2 shouldn't be holding their breath according to the actor.

Jackson is currently out promoting his new film Mother and Child, opening in theaters on May 7th and we had a chance to speak to the actor about Iron Man 2 and playing Nick Fury. We first asked Jackson if he does in fact get to "kick some major ass" in Iron Man 2 and if we will finally get to see his badass Fury in full action? "No, I get to talk really harshly with Robert Downey Jr., but that is about it," answered Jackson. "So far that's all I'm doing." In 2009, after the success of Iron Man, Marvel Studios wisely signed Jackson to an unprecedented nine-picture deal to appear as Nick fury in not only Iron Man 2 but also the upcoming films Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers, not to mention a possible solo film starring the character. It was recently announced that Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly mastermind, as well as frequent Marvel Comics writer, Joss Whedon would be directing The Avengers, which promises to tie all the Marvel Studios film characters together in one movie. We finished by asking Jackson if he was happy that Whedon would be directing the The Avengers and if he was excited to be working with him on the project? "Yes I am," replied Jackson. "I'm looking forward to that."