Sara Paxton talks about this contemporary Snow White film, playing the bad girl and working with Goldie Hawn and Reese Witherspoon

Sara Paxton stars as one of the evil sorority sisters in the film Sydney White, which hits the DVD shelves today. I had a chance to ask the actress in this modern Snow White tale a few questions about the film over email. Here's what she had to say.

We've seen a lot of different versions of Snow White before, but I don't recall one in a college setting before. Is that part of what attracted you to this project?

Sara Paxton: What attracted me to this project was the fact that for the first time I would play an actual college student, and someone who happened to be older than me! I wanted people to see me in a role they hadn't seen me in before.

You worked with director Joe Nussbaum on Sleepover before this. Were you discussing this movie while you were filming Sleepover, or did it happen after that?

Sara Paxton: We never discussed Sydney White, during Sleepover because it was so long ago. I did Sleepover in 2003! But I did want to audition for Sydney White because I loved the script and I knew Joe was directing, and he's a great guy.

You play one of the evil sisters here, Rachel Witchburn, which is a bit of a departure for you. What sorts of things did you to to prepare to get into that sort of mindset?

Sara Paxton: It wasn't very difficult at all! I consider myself a nice person, but I think we've all had experiences with the mean girl in school, or mean people in general. I had to deal with a lot of mean girls at school, so I had real life experiences to draw from.

Which do you like playing better, the good girl or the bad girl?

Sara Paxton: I like playing the bad girl, but the only down side is people actually think you're a mean person in real life! So, that part isn't fun. I like doing anything that challenges me in some way.

What was it like working with Amanda Bynes and, a blast from my past, John Schnieder?

Sara Paxton: Amanda is so funny, and such a nice person. She comes from a very down to earth, sweet family, so I think that they keep her grounded. She was great to work with. John still looks exactly the same to me as he did in The Dukes of Hazzard! He is also a very nice man.

Do you think Snow White is the sort of story that should be re-told more often, and in more contemporary settings?

Sara Paxton: I think the story of Snow White, is a classic for a reason; people love fairy tales with happy endings. Every girl wants their prince charming to come and rescue them from the wicked witch! That's why I loved filming Sydney White, it's the classic fairy tale, with the perfect modern day spin.

Can you tell us anything about Superhero, the spoof that you're working on, or any other future projects you might have?

Sara Paxton: I just finished filming Superhero! The script is hilarious, and I could hardly keep a straight face while filming it! Drake Bell, Leslie Neilson, and Marion Ross also star in it. It's going to be really funny I think so go see it when it comes out March 28th!

Finally, I read that your dream is to appear alongside Goldie Hawn and Reese Witherspoon in the same film. Have you come close to working with either of them? Have you been lobbying for Legally Blonde 3 or anything like that?

Sara Paxton: Goldie Hawn is my idol. I have seen all her movies, I have read her autobiography several times. Working with her would be a dream come true! She is so funny, beautiful, and versatile. I really admire her. I also admire Reese Witherspoon. She is an amazing actress, and she has such a great work ethic, and personality. If I could work with the two of them together, it would fulfill a life long dream of mine! I actually was cast in a movie called Town & Country and was to play Goldie Hawn's daughter when I was little, but they ended up rewriting the script and I never got to do the part. I was so disappointed!

You can watch Sara Paxton and the rest of the Sydney White on DVD starting today, January 22.