Original creator Leigh Whannell is open to continuing the franchise down the road, once he dabbles in other genres first

We recently spoke to original Saw creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell about their new haunted house thriller Insidious, which is in theaters this Friday. Of course we had to ask them about the continuation of Saw. This past October, Lionsgate gleefully promised that Saw 3D would be the final film in this lucrative horror series. But as we suspected, that may not be true.

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In fact, Leigh Whannell is very open to returning to the Saw franchise somewhere down the road, once he gets a political horror comedy made, and a children's fantasy film off the ground first.

Here is what he had to say.

I know you have been asked this question ten thousand times, but do you guys ever think you will come back to Saw? This last sequel was supposed to be the end of the franchise forever.

Leigh Whannell: Yeah. Sure. We don't sit around and play with ideas. We don't spend an afternoon chatting about where that could go. We are so busy working on other stuff. But we are definitely responsive to it. We are still friends with the producers, and they did such a great job taking care of the franchise. They really catered to the fans of the franchise that loved it. Its hard to have anything but affection for the Saw films, because that is the one that granted our life's wish. I would definitely be open to one day doing something else with the Saw films. Knowing James Wan and I, and how we work, I think it would have to be something totally fresh and new.

So you haven't been sitting on a notebook full of awesome traps that you've been saving throughout the years?

Leigh Whannell: No! Not at all. I think the last time I had a folder of traps was for Saw III. That was the last one I wrote. Once I was finished with that, I wanted to write something completely different. I wrote things that were the complete opposite of Saw. I wrote a children's film. It is a fantasy adventure type movie. It was good to try something that was at the opposite end of the spectrum. But the idea of coming back to Saw? I would be open to it. However many years time it takes, and the producers want to revisit it, we would definitely chat with them.

What is next for you guys?

Leigh Whannell: There is a project that James Wan and I are working on. I haven't done the full-on work for it yet. It could be something in a sci-fi context that could be ripe for larger social or political themes, as apposed to a more personal theme. I will have to wait for that. I have been writing a horror comedy on the commentary of the current state of political debate in America. The right verses left name calling. It is very childish, if you flip between screaming commentators on Fox News, or whatever. It is out of control. I am not sure if it gets worse from here, or if it peaks and comes back to a more reasonable time. I was watching Network the other night, and I was like, this guy nailed it years in advance. When that movie came out, I am sure it seemed crazy and unrealistic that a news anchorman would be able to just rant and rave. If you watch Glenn Beck, what is he but the character from Network? It's so valid and resonant today. More so than back then. The shows that it was predicting actually exist. So there is something to compare it to. That is something that I guess is a more social and political thing that I have cloaked in the genre of a horror comedy. We will see.