Director Scott Sanders took an 11-year hiatus between his feature film debut Thick as Thieves and last year's blaxploitation film Black Dynamite, which will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on February 16, and I hope we don't have to wait that long for his next film, because it sounds simply incredible. I had the chance to speak with Sanders over the phone about the new Black Dynamite DVD, but we also spoke about a new film project he's currently writing... about Jamaican zombies. If that has you hooked, just wait to see what else he has to say below.

Is there anything you're writing now or that you're working to develop?

Scott Sanders: Yeah, I'm just working on a variety of things. I'd like to stay in this kind of world, not necessarily blaxploitation, but twisting genres, playing around with them. I'm a big fan of District 9. I thought it was a fantastic film. You take an alien movie and set it in Johannesburg, that to me is great. To have a big genre, fun movie with somewhat of an independent spirit, is kind of where I want to keep my focus.

Can you give us any hint about what genres you might be twisting around?

Scott Sanders: I am currently playing around with the idea of a Jamaican zombie movie. Weed plays a big factor.

Is that how they become zombies?

Scott Sanders: (Laughs) Well, the most potent weed, apparently, comes from the CIA on a farm in Mississippi. I think it's called G-13, if I'm not mistaken, so they come up with G-14... and you get zombies.

(Laughs) That sounds awesome. Are you writing this with (Black Dynamite co-writers) Byron (Minns) and Michael (Jai White) or just on your own?

Scott Sanders: It's on my own, but I'd like Michael to star in it. We've talked about. It's been fun playing around with it.

Stay tuned for my full interview with Black Dynamite writer-director Scott Sanders in the very near future and you can pick up the film on DVD or Blu-ray on February 16.