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There were some failures along the road as well. Most of the subplots could be done away with. Its not that they are particularly bad or badly written, in fact a strong point of this script is the dialogue and scene setting, they just don’t add much to the story. For instance, there is a subplot that concerns Amsterdam and a girl falling in love slowly over the course of the film. This entire storyline seems to only serve the purpose of showing us that he is so completely dedicated to avenging his father that he would give up the only other person who has ever really loved him. In theory that sounds heroic and somewhat tragic, at he very least it sounds interesting. On page however, in come off as flat and unnecessary. Jenny seems to pop up from time to time to remind us, and Amsterdam, that she is there. This kind of subplot could have been extremely useful in telling this story. But as it stands this, and several other subplots, just seem pointless and tacked on.

Overall my impression of this script is that the main story is a good one, the setting is amazingly rich and interesting and most of the characters are well written. The script does have some problems. For one the majority of the subplots are pointless and we end up not caring about their resolution. The script also has a tendency to be unevenly paced in places. This is the type of script that has potential to be a great movie if it lands in the right hands. Potential is a double-edged sword however and the final result remains to be scene. With the director of such great films as {italicsCape Fear and Goodfellas at the helm, my hopes are high for this so-so script.


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