During our exclusive interview with Sean Astin for his upcoming film The Final Season, the actor talked about the long gestating and much anticipated, The Goonies 2.

Okay, what's going on with The Goonies 2? Will you do it?

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Sean Astin: You know I've been saying the same thing, of course I'd do it if it was right, if the character was good, if the story was right or whatever. I'm totally up for it. It's more than a lock that it'll get done. Who knows when? There's an animated thing that I've been hearing a lot about. I would think that based on how much they're promoting the DVD, not just promoting it but by how many DVDs they're selling, they're kind of softening up the ground for their animated show that I've heard about. Yeah, so stay tuned...

Do you have any ideas with what you would like to see happen with that?

Sean Astin: Yeah, lots of ideas. (Laughs) I do I have a whole version of the movie but nobody's wanted to let me tell it to them. Nobody in a position of authority has wanted me to tell it to them so it will probably die with me. (Laughs).

The Final Season comes to theaters on October 12 from Yari Film Group.