As Roswell: The Final Chapter finally hits DVD shelves everywhere tomorrow fans everywhere will finally get their hands on the conclusion to their beloved sci-fi series, a series that they know all too well, was cancelled way too early.

In season one Roswell set a precedent of heavy thematic elements which surrounded the awkwardness of growing up, falling in love for the first time and the turmoil of those teenaged years in high school, all masterfully blended with with an overall sci-fi theme which involved some orphaned aliens trying to fit in. Well executed and absolutely addictive, Roswell took off and started to build it's fan base.

As the second season rolled around the producers of the show tinkered with some heavy handed science fiction elements that may have pushed some of the fans and casual viewers away from the show, but the show's hardcore audience remained in tact as the series came full circle in the third season, focusing on the love story that initially drew us all in.

MovieWeb recently had a chance to sit down with actress Shiri Appleby, who plays the 'Liz' on the show. Playing the ultimate 'girl next door,' Shiri gave us some insight on the final chapter of Roswell.

How do you feel now that the final chapter of ROSWELL is now coming to DVD?

This is sort of like the final goodbye to the show in a weird way.

Are you satisfied with the way the storyline was concluded?

I was happy with. I think the audience has been wanting to see Max and Liz get together and know they were going to be and stay together, and I think the writers gave that to them. I don't know how you necessarily wrap up a show like that If I were in the writers' position, but I think having us ride away into the sunset was a good choice.

This season of ROSWELL almost didn't happen as the network had plans to cancel the show prior to this season's debut, but because of fan support the network decided to wrap everything up in this "Final Chapter." What's the story behind this?

Yes! That's true. The WB was planning on canceling the show and then Buffy got bought and moved to UPN and the fans of ROSWELL basically bombarded the network, which inspired UPN to pick up the show for it's last season. So, really, if it wasn't for the fans I don't think we would have gotten a third season.

That's great.

Yeah, it was amazing.

Do you still keep in contact with any of the cast?

Yeah! I still talk to Majandra and Colin all the time.

Movie PictureDuring Jason Behr's press rounds for his last role in "The Grudge", he mentioned the possibility of the studios getting behind a ROSWELL movie. Is there anything new on that front?

I've never heard anything myself, except what fans have brought to my attention, but nothing has ever come to me from any kind of executive or anything.

What's next for you?

I just had a movie air recently called "Pizza My Heart" which is a take on the Romeo & Juliet story that revolves around these pizza places in New Jersey.

Is there anything you wanted to say to the fans as the series comes to a close on DVD?

Thanks you for all the support over the years and I hope to see them soon in one way or another.