We have an exclusive clip from Silverhawks: Season 1, Volume 2, which is currently available through Warner Archive. Click on the video player below for a scene where one of the Silverhawks, Quicksilver, comes under attack.

CLICK HERE for information on how to order Silverhawks: Season 1, Volume 2 from Warner Archive.

Partly Metal, Partly Real And All Heroes! The space-age successors to the Thundercats are back, in this long anticipated second volume full of sci-fi cyber heroics. Animated by the same production company that handled Thundercats and featuring many of the same voice actors, Silverhawks pits a team of cybernetically enhanced heroes against interstellar crime lord Mon*Star and his minions. New SilverHawks Condor, Moonstryker, and Flashback (a Silverhawk from the future!) join the fight alongside Commander Stargazer, Quicksilver and company in this 33 episode, 4-Disc collection.