CBGB was released in theaters on Friday, Ocotber 11th by XLrator Media. As we move into the second week of release, we have a set of six online memes from the film, which feature Alan Rickman as famed club owner Hilly Kristal, Rupert Grint Cheetah Chrome, Malin Akerman as Debbie harry, Ashley Greene as Lisa Kristal and Joel Moore as Joey Ramone along with some of the iconic dialogue from the movie.

CBGB Online Meme 1
CBGB Online Meme 2
CBGB Online Meme 3
CBGB Online Meme 4
CBGB Online Meme 5
CBGB Online Meme 6

CBGB looks at New York's dynamic punk rock scene through the lens of the ground-breaking Lower East Side club started by eccentric Hilly Kristal in 1973 originally as a home for "country, bluegrass and blues" (thus the club's name) and which showcased cutting-edge bands through its closing in 2006.