Producer Al Gough reveals scoops on the latest developments of the show and it's characters

We recently got a chance to speak with Smallville executive producer, Al Gough, to talk about the latest developments happening in season 7 of the show.

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Black Canary arrives this week and Green Arrow is back for the time being. How much are we going to start seeing each character in the show, from this point, through to the episode 15 cliffhanger, and beyond?

This season, due to the strike, there are only plans to have them in this one episode. If we make episodes beyond the 15 you could potentially see them more, but I think season 8 (fingers crossed, no guarantee) would be a more likely place for their return.

Bizarro seemed to be destroyed by the Martian Manhunter in the season opener, then he returned in Gemini. It seems like he was destroyed again in Persona, but with his record for returning, is there any chance that we might see more of Bizarro this season?

There is ALWAYS a chance that this guy could show up....also, it didn't make the episode but was in the script for Persona, Bizarro was released because of the eclipse that Zor-el started in episode 8. With the sun blocked, he was able to escape...thought you might find that interesting especially for you continuity junkies! See, regardless of what they say about us on the boards, we DO actually think about this just doesn't always make the episodes for various reasons.

Now that Brainiac has repaired itself, what does it plan to do next?

It's original plan to summon Zod are obviously no longer on the table, so what sort of trouble will we see it causing Clark in the future? Let's just say that Kara figures into that plan.....and he's gonna take his game to a whole new level.

Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and now Black Canary. We've seen a lot of Clark's future Justice League allies show up during the past few seasons. Who's next?

If I told you that, then there wouldn't be ANY surprises left! Stay tuned, we have a few more up our sleeve....again, maybe not this season due to the strike, but there's always season 8 (fingers-crossed-no-guarantee disclaimer still applies)

Last we saw of her, Kara was in Detroit, without her memories or her powers, presumably as a result of Clark destroying her crystal in Blue. When are we going to find out what's happening with her?

That ball gets rolling in this week's episode

, but really takes off in Episode 12, Fracture, when you'll get filled in on what the heck happened to her and &#160how she gets back to Smallville...

Are we ever going to see Jor-El? (Even through a flashback)?

Sorry, this probably won't ever'll just have to use your imagination (think an older General Zod-ish circa Superman II looking fella;)

The Siren episode of Smallville airs tomorrow night on The CW.