I recently had the chance to speak with the fantastic actor Stephen Lang for his new independent movie White Irish Drinkers, which arrives in theaters March 25. I also had to ask the actor about his involvement in the highly-anticipated sequel, Avatar 2. While he couldn't say much, the actor did meet with director James Cameron recently.

"I had dinner with him about a month ago. We spent the evening together and we talked about it. I know he's proceeding and I have no doubt that Avatar 2 is going to be great and every bit as jaw-dropping and exciting as Avatar was. As to my own relationship to it, I can't really say anything about that, at all, other than I'm just proud to be on the team. Whether I appear in Avatar 2 or Avatar 3, I always feel I'm a part of the Avatar team. I know that's a non-answer, but that's it."
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Stephen Lang is also starring in the highly-anticipated Fox series Terra Nova, which will premiere this fall. Here's what he had to say about the daunting challenge this show presents, which starts shooting in May.

"Well, let's see. We finished the first two and we're heading back to Australia to shoot the next 11. We're really at the start of a grand adventure. The first two went very, very well. We've established a benchmark, we've established a way of working, a rapport, with the characters to the environment. Now we've just got to get down to the hard work of making these stories as exciting and as dramatic and as thrilling as we possibly can. I think it's no small feat to try to do an hour-long series that's as effects-ladened as this is, which takes place in an alien world, and keep it real. That's what we're doing and it's real exciting. I like it because it's a big roll of the dice, you know. There's a lot to be gained. It could be a very, very important series, but, on the same token, when you aim big, the drop is all that more steep. I wouldn't have it any other way. We are heading back in May. Just take a real deep breath and submerge for about six months or so."

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