The Doctor is in and he wants to "de-wussify" the country.

With the world in a state of panic it seems that a new, bold voice is needed to help the helpless...

Dr. Steve-O is here to answer that call.

Every Monday at 11/10C on USA Network, Dr. Steve-O, along with his beautiful bombshell nurse, Trishelle, and fearsome but trustworthy driver, Reggie, set off in their tricked-out ambulance on a cross-country mission to "de-wussify" wimps, wussies, nerds and couch potatoes in desperate need of the doctor's immediate attention.

Recently, Dr. Steve-O sat down with us to discuss his new line of work.

Do you feel that you have a calling to "dewussify" the world?

Steve-O: Whether or not it is a "calling", I feel that I am in the best position to do this job! For sure!

Would you say your show is maybe a hybrid between Dr. Phil and Mr. T's I Pity the Fool?

Steve-O: I'm hesitant to describe Dr. Steve-O in terms of other television shows, I prefer to describe it as "irreverance for good, not evil".

Do you feel that any of your Jackass cohorts could use a little "dewussifying"?

Steve-O: I think some of those guys might actually be better off if they had more wussy in them.

Was there ever a time in your life that you could have used someone like Dr. Steve-O to help you out? If so, explain?

Steve-O: Let's just say that I've had my heart broken more than once, and never learned a thing.

Lets pretend that I come to you and I have problem with standing up for myself? What would Dr. Steve-O prescribe to rid me of my "wussiness"?

Steve-O: Library etiquette is a little bit stringent, don't you think? Why not hold try-outs for the marching band in a library?

Have you come across anybody you weren't able to "dewussify," yet?

Steve-O: For sure, to be exact, one seventh of my patients never graduated my program.

What is your main goal with Dr. Steve-O?

Steve-O: To reveal to the world a more caring, intelligent, and mature Steve-O.

Dr. Steve-O airs every Monday at 11/10C on the USA Network.

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