We have an exclusive featurette for Strange Frame, which comes to DVD on March 19th. This gorgeous animated sci-fi adventure explores the transformative power of love between two women. Dramatically rendered in rich, hand drawn animation, Strange Frame brings us into a world of space pirates, indentured slaves and genetic mutations infused with music throughout, to create a dreamlike tale unlike anything you've ever seen. Watch as voice actress Claudia Black (Stargate SG-1; 90210) talks about the sci-fi genre in regards to this exciting release.

As our story begins it is the 28th century, 200 years after the Great Earth Exodus. We're on Ganymede, one of Jupiter's moons. Our hero Naia is a feisty, young singer-songwriter who falls in love with the beautiful saxophonist Parker. The two embark on their new relationship and also form a band, and now they have to not only make it as musicians but also to fight for their freedom.

Special Features:

  • Featurette: In the Studio with Claudia Black, Tara Strong, Ron Glass, Cree Summer, Juliet Landau, Michael Dorn & George Takei
  • Featurette: Claudia Black: On Strange Frame, Sex Scenes and Sci-FI
  • Deleted Scene
  • Trailer