The actor discusses taking on the iconic role, working with David Goyer on the TV series and why he knows nothing about Blade: Season 2

With the explosion of the Blade TV series on Spike TV, we recently had a chance to sit down with Blade himself, Kirk "Sticky" Jones aka Sticky Fingaz. Getting his start in Spike Lee's Clockers, "Sticky" has made a career out of taking risks in the forty or so films and TV shows he has appeared in. Playing the iconic Blade character made famous by Wesley Snipes, "Sticky" professed to not only being a huge fan of the franchise but a lover of comic books in general.

Are you a big fan of the original Blade movies?

Kirk "Sticky" Jones: Come on, who isn't? I loved all of the movies. One, two and three. I love them so much people ask me, "Which one's your favorite?" I can't even choose. I love all of them.

Were you nervous at all taking on a role that had such a history and Wesley Snipes recognizable face behind it?

Kirk "Sticky" Jones: Oh, never. If anything I was excited. I was ready to go! Not nervous, you know.

Just because you had specific ideas with what you wanted to do with that character?

Kirk "Sticky" Jones: You gotta understand I'm a comic book head. I've been reading comic books for years. It was a chance to live out my dreams.

Since this is a TV show and not a movie do you feel you took advantage of broadening the character because you had more time to tell his story?

Kirk "Sticky" Jones: Right, because the series, that's like eight movies or something, you know what I mean? It wasn't a different direction. I didn't want to change it from what people know it as, I just want to put my spin on it. And I'm not subtracting anything that was done from the comic books or from the Blade movies. I'm just adding on to it, you know what I mean? We got a chance to tell a bigger story. More backstories, more front stories, more current stories and more action and develop the character, because nobody wants to watch a series that's just action, action, action. You gotta have character development so they grow an attachment to the character.

Since this is being done as a TV show and not a movie, was it ever hard keeping the character arc of Blade straight in your head because you were dealing with so many different scripts?

Kirk "Sticky" Jones: No, not really because we're dealing with so many different scripts but they're all coming from the same place. They got different writers but overall they've got the main three writers that are the arc of the whole entire series. Which is David Goyer, Geoff Johns and Dan Truly. Even if they got an outside writer these three guys are critiquing the scripts and putting their two cents in. So it's all coming from the same place. It's not like different scripts, it's gonna be different. Plus, there's one story and they've got to stay true to the story.

Is there room for improvisation as you're shooting these scripts? Or, because it's coming from people like David Goyer (who knows the character intimately), do you just play it as it's written?

Kirk "Sticky" Jones: There is room for improv but basically they hit the nail with the hammer so hard that most times I don't even need to improv. It's just right there laid out in front of me.

Did you have any special training to play the part of Blade?

Kirk "Sticky" Jones: Yeah, I had extensive training. You gotta figure there's kickboxing, all sorts of martial arts, wire work and sword training. I guess the sword training and the wire work was the newest to me. I'm just an athletic dude so all that stuff comes easy to me. I think the biggest part of it was the stretching because that's something I didn't do a lot of. I had sessions where they had to stretch me out for like an hour and a half. In one session! I never in my life stretched an hour and a half at one time. That was probably the biggest thing. It allows you to do the tricks that you need without hurting yourself.

What is the most exciting part for you about playing the Blade character?

Kirk "Sticky" Jones: It's gotta be the wire work. They put a harness on you and if you're a man it kind of hurts you a little bit if you know what I mean? Outside of that and above that it's incredible, because I get to fly 25 feet in the air and do inhuman things! It's ridiculous. The other best part about playing Blade is that I'm a huge Marvel comic book fan. To be a superhero is incredible.

What do you have coming up next?

Kirk "Sticky" Jones: I just finished directing my first movie it's called A Day In the Life and basically, the special part about the movie is that all the dialogue is in rap. It's crazy. It's coming into theaters through Lionsgate Films so the next thing up for me is two things, my next directing job... and Season Two of Blade!

Is there any secrets you can tell us about Season 2?

Kirk "Sticky" Jones: There is absolutely nothing I can tell you about Season 2 of Blade because I don't know a damn thing. (Laughs) They even keep Blade in the dark!

As an actor, do you like it that way or would you like to know more?

Kirk "Sticky" Jones: I live in the moment so when it happens it happens.

Blade the TV Series is currently airing on Spike TV on Wednesday nights at 10 PM.