The actress discusses making the film, her favorite horror movies, and her newest project Senior Skip Day

Tara Reid has made a career out of challenging herself as an actress. From comedies like The Big Lebowski, to ensembles like Dr. T and the Women, to dramas like Cruel Intentions, Reid has made a name for herself in films that have proven themselves to be seminal pieces of cinema for many actors of her generation.

Having done a decent amount of horror movies, Tara recently sat down with us to discuss the upcoming release of her latest film, Incubus. This is the story of six teenagers who break into what they think is an abandoned factory to seek shelter. They quickly find themselves trapped and realize too late that they are not alone. Suspended in a triple locked shatter proof clear cube attached to an observation room is a coma patient obviously being tested and experimented on. The bizarre sleeper and his horrific powers hold the key to their escape and ultimately  their survival.

Could you tell the readers a little bit about the character of Jay in Incubus?

Tara Reid: She's the dependable one. She's the one that keeps everyone together. She's like the friend where if you needed a ride home at 3 in the morning, you'd call Jay and she'd be there. She's like a voice of reason. She's very knowledgeable and very calm and very put together.

What was it about Incubus that attracted you to this movie?

Tara Reid: It's scary... it's a good story. It's so well written and it's so good. There's never been anything like this before. It's a really good old time horror film. It's a psychological, mind thriller.

More straight forward than what you see in horror films today?

Tara Reid: Exactly. It's a simple concept and it's so good and it's so well written, and it's so smart. Truthfully, it's really scary.

Dealing with the scary subject matter that this film does, what was the environment like on the set?

Tara Reid: Everyone was really pretty scared. I mean, we shot in an abandoned hospital in real life. All the doors were boarded up, you couldn't see, you couldn't walk in those old rooms. They were all boarded up... the bedrooms. You see crusty old bedpans and wheelchairs. You just felt an essence in the building like something really wrong went down here. It was really creepy. It felt kind of funny. You would never want to walk around in that building by yourself. Ever. At any time.

As an actress does it wear you out at all going into that horror-type world everyday?

Tara Reid: No, it's fun. It's exciting. When you're scared your adrenaline's running. Any time there's a fear like that you're adrenaline's pumping, you know? You're definitely not tried. It's not really a tiring thing it's more like, "Oh my God!" And your mind's playing tricks on you... it starts going a little crazy. It's like, "What if this really did happen?" It really makes you think.

Are you a big fan of horror movies?

Tara Reid: I love horror movies. A good horror movie is always great.

Do you have any favorites in the genre?

Tara Reid: I liked all the Poltergeist movies. I liked all The Exorcist movies. They're my favorite.

Why do you think horror movies and thriller movies in general continue to be so popular?

Tara Reid: It's a great date movie. For dates... maybe grab on to the guy. I just think people love a good scare.

What do you have coming up next?

Tara Reid: Well, I have Incubus coming out on Halloween. Which is exciting because it's going to be the first downloaded movie on AOL Red. This has never happened before, in a sense. You don't know how it's going to do. If it does good it's really exciting because it could be a new platform for the way movies are made.

Are you working on any other projects currently?

Tara Reid: Yeah, I have that one and I did this movie called Silent Partner, and I just did this movie, it's like a modern day Ferris Bueller's Day Off it's called Senior Skip Day.

Incubus is going to be available to download exclusively from AOL's on October 31st.