Director Sam Raimi announced in 2009 that he was working on a script with his brother Ivan for Evil Dead IV, the long awaited forth installment to the classic horror franchise. While both Sam Raimi and the franchise's star Bruce Campbell have since confirmed that the script is in the works there have been no new details lately about the status of the project. We recently had the opportunity to speak with actor Ted Raimi, who appeared in all three previous films and is of course Sam's brother, while he was attending the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday, an event that recognizes excellence in global web television programming.

We asked the actor point blank if he thought that Evil Dead IV would actually ever get made or if the film is just a pipe dream for fans? "Well it might happen ... but then again ... it might not happen," answered the actor. "You know, it's really Sam's project, it's not my project so I certainly don't want to speak for him but I hope it does go through," continued Raimi. "I know a lot of fans would really love to see it. So that's a big deal for them." Raimi also starred alongside his longtime friend and Army Of Darkness co-star, Bruce Campbell, in the 2006 film My Name Is Bruce, which featured Campbell as a version of him self that is hired to protect a small town from demons. Rumors have since been circulating about a sequel, which was first going to be called My Name Is Still Bruce but was later changed to Bruce Vs. Frankenstein. Raimi confirmed that he would in fact be involved with the project and we asked the actor if the title change meant that the film was no longer going to be a direct sequel to My Name Is Bruce? "Yes and no. I don't want to say it is My Name Is Bruce 2 but it is a movie with Bruce Campbell in it," replied Raimi. "Maybe, it might be," he continued cryptically. "Am I being very clear? No? Good I'm glad!"

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