In the comic books, Talia al Ghul is the mother of Batman's son, Damien, and the daughter of his archenemy, Ra's al Ghul. In director George Miller's proposed Justice League of America film, Talia al Ghul was going to be one of the villains and actress Teresa Palmer (The Sorcerer's Apprentice) was set to play the role, but unfortunately the film was never made. Currently director Christopher Nolan is casting two unknown female roles in The Dark Knight Rises, one of which is rumored to be a villain. While many have been speculating on who this female villain could be, some rumors have surfaced indicating that it is Talia al Ghul. This would make some sense since her father, Ra's al Ghul, was the main villain in Batman Begins. In that film, he was played by Liam Neeson and while the character did appear to die at the end of the movie, he is immortal in the comic books.

We recently had a chance to catch up with actress Teresa Palmer and we asked her if she had tried contacting Nolan's office to be considered for the part, since she was prepared to play it once before. We were surprised by her response.

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"I've definitely put the feelers out there with my agents and that would be something I would be really glad to have happen," Palmer replied. "I doubt I would be one of the actresses high up on Nolan's list. I think they are definitely going after woman with a much bigger profile than I," she added.

We continued by asking the actress how she had prepared to play the role in Justice League of America?

"I was going to do it with a Russian accent in Justice League of America and I was fitted for all the outfits," she said. Finally, Palmer had this to say about playing Talia al Ghul in The Dark Knight Rises. "It is the longest shot in history for sure but I've put my name out there with my agents and things. So we'll see who ends up doing that role. My managers made the phone calls but I'm pretty sure that they will end up going with a big name girl."