HUGE Alamo news just in from a VERY secret, and VERY reliable scooper...Seems there's some big trouble at the ol' Alamo:

"As of Friday, the Alamo production helmed by Ron Howard has been temporarily canned. They've had a production crew for about six weeks pounding out sets on a private ranch near Hamilton Pool (about 30 minutes east of Austin). Thursday, they laid off 80 members of the 100-strong crew. Friday they told the remaining 20 to gather their stuff and go home for a few weeks. Word on the would-be set is that it may be more like 6 weeks, if ever.

Rumors around that Ron Howard is close to walking on the project stem from a dispute over the film's scope - he wants a full on epic and the guys at Imagine/Disney just want a big-name war flick.

The hiatus is meant to pound out the script differences, but Ron Howard's L.A. boys are rumored to be heading home for good.

It's a shame really, as they'd built quite a few of the sets. Imagine may try to keep the production afloat seeing how they've already spent upwards of $7 million here in Austin. They may be shopping around for a new director, however."

Thanks to 'Billy Parham'

Stay tuned...~Brian

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