The Civil War, Ken Burns' classic 1990 documentary mini-series will be re-released on DVD on March 29. Click on the video player below to watch this excerpt from the show, which deals with Abraham Lincoln's assassination.

The Emmy Award-winning nine-part series, Ken Burns: The Civil War, is now available in the 150th Anniversary Edition, featuring enhanced packaging, a sixth disc with new-to-dvd bonus footage and a collector's book. Hailed as a film masterpiece and landmark in historical storytelling, Ken Burns's epic documentary brings to life America's most destructive and defining conflict. With digitally enhanced images and new stereo sound, here is the saga of celebrated generals and ordinary soldiers, a heroic and transcendent president and a country that had to divide itself in two in order to become one.

Special Features:

  • From the Archive: Shelby Foote Interviews
  • - Remembering the Civil War: An Interview with Ken Burns
  • - Additional Interviews