The Expendables franchise is a fun one to sit and speculate about. There are so many classic action icons that the series can still bring in, and the sequels might keep coming for a very long time. That's Sylvester Stallone's plan anyway. As long as people want to keep watching them, he's up for making them. And The Expendables 3 was in the planning stages well before The Expendables 2 even opened to buffo box office this past August.

We keep hearing that the next film is shooting soon. We recently caught up with one of the franchise's many stars, Dolph Lundgren, and he confirms that The Expendables 3 will likely shoot in September of this year for a 2014 debut date. He also confirms that Nicolas Cage, Jackie Chan, and Wesley Snipes are actively being sought to appear in the sequel. Though, he says that no one has officially signed on the dotted line just yet.

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First, though, Dolph Lundgren himself has to shoot an entire season of an upcoming TV series before he can get back to the The Expendables 3 set.

Here is his response when we tell him we've heard rumors that The Expendables 3 is expected to shoot soon.

"No, I don't think it will be until this fall. That is what I have heard. I am doing this other thing. I have this TV series, it's called Rescue 3. Its an action series. We are rescuing people...Or killing them, which is the case here today...I play the leader of this unit in California that saves people. We use choppers, and life guards. The coast guard...I have to do that first. That takes six or seven months out of this year. I will be done in September. From what I understand, they won't even have The Expendables 3 ready until the fall. To go. It may work out that I can do both this year."

Is the script ready?

"It isn't. I haven't seen it. I know they are working on it, but I haven't seen anything. I'll find out what it is in a couple of months."

Dolph Lundgren also talked about collaborating on the screenplay with Sylvester Stallone, noting that the story is usually the least of his concerns.

"I let him go at it first. He kind of knows me creatively, and personally, because we've worked together quite a bit. So I will usually read the script, and then I will add a few comments about this or that. He knows all of the actors that are in the piece, and there are so many characters involved. They all want to be involved, and everyone wants to have a little something special to do. So, he tries to satisfy that. He's done a great job so far. And I trust him. I usually add a few comments, and he is open to that. Yeah, if everything works out...All these other variables...Then I am not that worried about the script, really."

Lastly, he commented about the recent casting rumors that we've heard.

"I don't know anything for sure. I know...I have heard that they do want Wesley Snipes. They want Jackie Chan. Nicolas Cage, I have heard too. But we don't know want is going on just yet. All of those are pretty great names. They are good actors, and I think the fans would love to see them in there, with the rest of us, for sure. Yeah."