Billy Campbell Talks The Killing Season 2

Billy Campbell says that he will be back for multiple episodes in The Killing Season 2, but is not sure about Season 3

The climactic ending of The Killing Season 1 left many fans angry and confused. They wanted to see some resolution in the mystery behind the death of Rosie Larsen. But what they were left with was the possible shooting of mayoral candidate Darren Richmond (Billy Campbell) at the hands of Larsen family friend Belko Royce (Brendan Sexton III).

It was revealed that Richmond might have had an affair with Rosie, but that he was not the killer. Audiences were left to wonder if he'd been shot, or possibly killed. Not too much has been made about Billy Campbell's return to the series for Season 2, but we caught up with the actor, who assures us that he will return. In fact, he is currently shooting the series in Vancouver as we speak, and he will be appearing in a number of upcoming episodes.

Season 2 will officially wrap up the mystery of 'Who killed Rosie Larsen'. And it will begin a whole new mystery that may or may not play directly off this first storyline. As Billy explains it, he isn't sure what is going to happen with Season 3, or if he will be asked back after this next run of all-new episodes.

This is our conversation.

Can you tell us anything in regards to the upcoming Season 2 of The Killing?

Billy Campbell: I can tell you, because the studio is telling fans, themselves, that all of those people who were disappointed at the end of Season 1 will have no reason to be disappointed in Season 2. They will find out who killed Rosie Larsen. And, what I can say, is that the scripts blow me away this season. They have really upped the ante this year. The scripts are phenomenal. People are going to be really happy with this new season. It's intense. Very intense.

Its known that there will be a second mystery that needs to be solved. That opens up a question: At least 80% of the cast wouldn't reasonably be a part of this second mystery. So, does that mean you are only here, in Season 2, for a couple of episodes? Or are you sticking around for the long haul?

Billy Campbell: It's all up in the air. I know they are thinking long and hard about that. They have to provide an answer, if they'll have a third and forth season, and so forth. They have not really talked about that aspect with me. I hope to be back for another season. I love being in Vancouver. And I love being on this show. I'm hoping that at least some of us are back for a third season.

That's the thing. You're character, at this point, is a very integral part of the series, and one of the reasons viewers come back every week. So, it must be one of those tricky things. If half the cast goes away, you have another uproar on your hands...

Billy Campbell: Yeah. Well, we'll have to see how they solve that.

The Killing returns for Season 2 in 2012.