We have an exclusive special features clip from the upcoming home video release The Presence, which hits DVD October 4. Click on the video player below to watch writer-director Tom Provost speak about cast members Mira Sorvino, Shane West, and Justin Kirk.

Looking to escape the pressures of everyday life, a woman (Mira Sorvino) travels to a secluded cabin in the woods. She's not alone, though, because an apparition (Shane West) inhabits the cabin and begins to stalk her. But when the woman's boyfriend (Justin Kirk) arrives, the spirit in the house grows darker and more obsessive. She soon starts to exhibit weird and irrational behavior and her boyfriend fears she's been possessed by the ghost in love with her.

Special Features:

  • Audio commentary with Writer-Director Tom Provost
  • "Making of The Presence" featurette
  • Storyboards with commentary by Writer-Director Tom Provost and Editor Cecily Rhett