Louis Lombardi as Phobos

Phobos Speaks!

During a recent interview with Louis Lombardi for the DVD release of his film Doughboys, the actor talked about Phobos that character he plays in Frank Miller's hotly anticipated film, The Spirit.

Can you talk a little bit about the role of Phobos that you play in The Spirit? I know you and Frank Miller really hit it off.

Louis Lombardi: Yeah, it was one of the best experiences of my career. Doing a role like I did in that film and coming out on a massive scale, Christmas day, it's just unbelievable. Working with someone like Frank Miller, the role he gave me was one of the most interesting roles I've seen in a movie. I'm real excited. It's one of the best roles I've ever had.

How has it been received? You told me that there's been some screenings...

Louis Lombardi: This is the most opposite of anything I've ever done. Doing the role itself was one of the best experiences ever. Not just working but learning. It was all shot on blue screen, green screen, whatever... It's one of those movies where you're just glad you're a part of because you learn.

Did you consult the comic from which The Spirit is based?

Louis Lombardi: No, I just based it on Frank Miller. Whatever he says because I know this guy, this is his thing. This is what he does. Whatever he sees I'm in for. He's got a great vision and he's a very artistic person. He sees what he sees and that's what he wants. He just knows everything immediately, he's great. He's one of the most efficient directors I've ever worked with; definitely.

The Spirit swoops on to screens December 25 from Lionsgate.