Thomas Jane will be hosting the 2nd Annual 3D Film Festival in Hollywood, which kicks off September 22nd with the premiere of Alcon Entertainment's Dolphin Tale 3D, and runs through September 25th, closing out with Dr. Steven Greer and the Disclosure Project.

We recently caught up with the actor to chat about his affinity for 3D, a conversation you can read on our site soon. We also chatted with Thomas Jane about his role on the hit HBO comedy series Hung, which returns for Season 3 on October 2nd with Don't Give Up On Detroit or Hung Like a Horse.

Thomas Jane is quick to declare Hung Season 3 his favorite thus far, and revealed some of the details in regards to this year's main storyline.

"Hung Season 2 was a little bit of a downer, because I get divorced, and we deal with some somber subject matter. With Hung Season 3, we really get back to fucking. Its younger, its faster, its funnier. This year, Ray has decided to have some fun. With Hung Season 3, the economy still sucks. But its boring to wallow in misery, with no money. So, we have taken Ray and put him in a whole new place where he is not teaching anymore. He is whoring full time. He is making a lot of money. He buys a new car. He has fixed up his house. Then a younger gigolo comes into the picture, and starts stealing his clients. Ray has to defend his turf. We've really had a lot of fun with the show this year. We have a lot of terrific actresses on the show this season. Like Kaitlin Doubleday. She has a great arc on the show. There are some really good, younger women that come on the show this year. Its good. They get to do stuff with me. So it's a blast. It's my favorite season, Hung Season 3."

In terms of watching Ray get to spend a little money, and have a little bit of fun, Thomas Jane was asked if he thinks it will brighten the day of those who have been hit hard by the current economic climate.

"I hope so! We are waiting for anything that will make this situation a little better right now."

And as we head into the 3D Film Festival this weekend, we wondered if we'd ever get to see Hung in 3D.

Yeah! There would be some good 3D moments...I don't know. You can catch some porno in 3D if you're really angling to see some 3D penis! There is 3D porn, for those who want it. There is probably a 3D porno channel by now...

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