During a recent interview with The Punisher himself, Thomas Jane, for the recently released The Punisher: Extended Cut, we got to ask the actor about The Punisher 2.

Can you talk at all about the plot of The Punisher 2?

Thomas Jane: Well, I know that it's gotta be set in New York, it's just got to be. It's sad that the first one's not set in New York. This is a nice chance to kind of reinvent the franchise in my opinion. Where we can take the character and try and get even closer to the heart of who the guy really is. He's a New York character, we're gonna set the film in New York. Jigsaw's gonna be the bad guy. I mean this is all if they ever get a script.

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I thought that The Punisher 2 was definitely happening? Is it still up in the air?

Thomas Jane: Well, everything's up in the air until we get a script. You could talk all day long about how you're gonna do another one. Until you get a script, what are you gonna do? You're just playing with your thumbs. So, show me a script and then I'll tell you if we're making a movie or not.

The Punisher: Extended Cut is currently available in DVD stores everywhere from Lionsgate.

Stay tuned as we will have the full transcription of this release up shortly...

Evan Jacobs at Movieweb
Evan Jacobs