Actresses Tiffany Brouwer and Annie Lynne Melchor discuss the Femme Fatales episode Haunted

Actresses Tiffany Brouwer and Annie Lynne Melchor discuss the new Femme Fatales episode Haunted

The seventh episode of Cinemax's Femme Fatales entitled Haunted airs tonight at 11 PM ET on Cinemax, the first horror-themed story in this film noir anthology series about sexy and dangerous women. We already spoke with Tanit Phoenix, who plays the show's host, Lilith, and director Darin Scott about this week's new episode (CLICK HERE for our exclusive interview piece) during a visit to the set. We were also able to speak with two of the stars of this episode as well.

Femme Fatales employs a brand new cast from episode to episode, with a new story each week that fits within the film noir boundaries, although it can extend to many different genres. This week's episode, Haunted, centers on a psychic medium named Holly Brown (Tiffany Brouwer) who, along with a reality TV program called Fright Finders, investigates the haunted activities at a creepy old house. I was able to sit down with both Tiffany Brouwer and Annie Lynne Melchor, who plays Susan, one of the Fright Finders team members on the set this week. Take a look at what both these actresses had to say, starting with Tiffany Brouwer.

Femme Fatales Actress Tiffany Brouwer:

Can you talk a bit about your character and how she gets introduced into the story?

Tiffany Brouwer: Sure. I am Holly Brown in Haunted. I am a psychic medium. I'm hired to go into this house to investigate because it's haunted. This guy wants to sell it, but it won't sell, of course, because it's haunted. I bring a team, this TV show that goes in and stays the night in places. We do the same thing, but I do a seance to really awaken the spirits and bring them out.

It's kind of like a cross between Medium and Ghost Hunters.

Tiffany Brouwer: Yeah, kind of. We go into a really creepy house and just spend the night there.

Where did you actually shoot it?

Tiffany Brouwer: It was in this big house above Pasadena, up in the hills. It was a really old house and it had a really good feel to it.

The producers talked a bit about the three-day production schedule. Is it more hectic than a normal TV show?

Tiffany Brouwer: No, it's one thing after the other. We are moving pretty fast, but the crew works so well together. It wasn't overdone or anything. We shot one day until, I think, 5 in the morning. The sun was coming up and we needed everything we could get.

Is there a lot of extensive effects work here as well?

Tiffany Brouwer: In our episode, yes, because there are supernatural things happening, and you definitely want to have those effects.

Were these practical effects or were you shooting on green screen?

Tiffany Brouwer: Oh no. There's no green screen. It's all movie tricks. I can't give them away.

With a show like this, it seems they could bring actors like you back for separate stories as well.

Tiffany Brouwer: Oh, you definitely could. Believe me, I'm racking my brain. Even off the episode I did, there could be a Part 2, the way that it ended, so yes.

If they were to bring you back, is there a particular kind of character you'd like to play in this setting?

Tiffany Brouwer: I think I'd want to play an FBI agent or something like that. I love the horror stuff though.

Femme Fatales Actress Annie Lynne Melchor

What were your first impressions of the show when you first heard of the general concept?

Annie Lynne Melchor: When I first got the audition, it was for an earlier episode, Speed Date. I got the script for that and I loved the idea, but I am really scared of getting naked. My manager was like, 'Just go and see what happens. If you like the script, you'll like these guys. They're really good.' So I went in and read and they were very nice. They actually went with someone else for the episode, but they called me a few weeks later for Haunted. They were like, 'Do you want to be a ghost hunter? You don't have to get naked and you can have a good time.' I said, 'OK, great.' I got the script that night, and showed up on set the next day. It was awesome.

Did you watch any episodes of Ghost Hunters that night to prepare for this?

Annie Lynne Melchor: I was was actually a ghost hunter growing up. I had this magical penny named Todd and he took me on all sorts of adventures when I was growing up in Arizona. I still have a problem with white vans and trucks. I feel like I am a ghost hunter.

Were there a lot of haunted locales where you grew up?

Annie Lynne Melchor: Well, it's Arizona. The neighborhood I grew up in, was actually built on an Indian burial ground.

Wow. The entire town?

Annie Lynne Melchor: Yeah, the entire town was built on an Indian burial ground. They kicked out all the natives and built these custom estates. There's some karma, for you. So I have a huge background in ghost hunting and scary things like that.

There are very few shows that shoot on a compressed schedule like this in only three days. Can you talk about how this might compare to other shows you've worked on?

Annie Lynne Melchor: I just did an episode for Lifetime and it was two weeks of a shoot. There's an eight day shooting schedule plus photo shoots, so yeah, it was a 10-day experience for an hour show. I loved the three-day shoot, just get in there and do it. As an actor, you don't have time to get nervous or over-think things and analyze them. You just have to read it, get it down in you, and just go do it.

I think it's cool to see a show like this where you do just have to get it right.

Annie Lynne Melchor: It's exactly the kind of boot camp that up and coming actors need. It's more of a trial by fire. Maybe the next one you will sit in your trailer for six days, but this one, you're going to go in and act and have crazy experiences.

I was curious if you appear on any of the other episodes this season as well. They were talking about some of the other characters appearing in different episodes.

Annie Lynne Melchor: I haven't yet. We'll see what happens. They are talking about some prequel episodes for the Fright Finders, so we night see what happens on their other adventures.

It seems like there could be some really cool DVD stuff with the Fright Finders, maybe a full episode of the actual show.

Annie Lynne Melchor: I got to do stunts with the Fright Finders too, with the seance, and I'd love to do more of that. Maybe throw some martial arts in there (Laughs).

Would you like to come back and maybe get your hands dirty on an action episode or something like that?

Annie Lynne Melchor: I would. I love action and I love to kick ass and knock people down.

What would you like to say to anyone who's curious about the show, about why they should tune in on Friday nights?

Annie Lynne Melchor: Check out some of the best up and coming actors in crazy situations. Check out some film noir and get excited about that. It's a rip-roaring ride. It's fun and sexy.

You can check out both Tiffany Brouwer and Annie Lynne Melchor in the new episode of Femme Fatales entitled Haunted, which airs tonight, June 24 at 11 PM ET on Cinemax.