Actor Timothy Olyphant must be on top of the world right now. He had a solid hit at the box office a few weeks ago with the re-imagining of George Romero's classic The Crazies and his edgy new TV series, Justified, premieres March 16th on FX. With his film achieving a successful opening weekend at box office and positive reviews from fans and critics alike it's only a matter of time before talk of a sequel to the zombie/government conspiracy film co-starring Radha Mitchell begins. In fact, it has already been announced that the films director, Breck Eisner, will next be adapting the classic comic strip hero Flash Gordon into a 3D feature film. We recently had an opportunity to speak with Timothy Olyphant at the premiere of his new series and had a chance to talk with the actor about a sequel to his popular film, the upcoming adaptation of Flash Gordon and the possible film resurrection of his old HBO series Deadwood.

We began by asking Olyphant if, after the recent success of The Crazies, he'd had an opportunity to speak with director Breck Eisner about a sequel? "No, we haven't talked about that," the actor said. "We talk ... we talk about the Clippers mostly," he joked. We followed up by asking him if he had possibly talked with Eisner about playing Flash Gordon, as the actor would make a great Flash! The actor simply smiled and said, "Thanks I appreciate that," indicating that he might be up for the role. Is that a character that you would be interested in playing, we asked Olyphant? "Does it pay?" he replied. That's something he'll have to take up with Eisner. Finally, ever since Olyphant's popular but short-lived HBO series Deadwood ended its run prematurely in 2006 there have been rumors of a possible feature film that would revisit the old-western town. We wanted to get to the bottom of that and asked the actor point-blank if he thought that there would ever be a film version of Deadwood made? "No," which Olyphant answered quite confidently.

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We'll bring you more information on these upcoming projects as it becomes available but until then, Justified begins airing March 16th on FX.