I recently had the pleasure of speaking with filmmaker Tom Holland, who makes a rare appearance in front of the camera as Uncle Bob in Hatchet II. While I spoke with him for Hatchet II's Blu-ray and DVD release on February 1, I had to ask him about one of my favorite movies as a youngster, Cloak & Dagger.

Tom Holland wrote the screenplay for Cloak & Dagger, and with the seemingly never-ending string of remakes and reboots, I asked if a remake of Cloak & Dagger is in the works at all. Surprisingly, nothing is happening as of now, which Tom Holland attributes to Universal Pictures being unaware of the movie's popularity. Take a look at what he had to say below:

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One of my favorite movies growing up was Cloak & Dagger. In this age of remakes, have you heard anything about a possible remake of Cloak & Dagger?

Tom Holland: No, but Universal is brain dead. They have been forever, but maybe that will change with Comcast taking over. That was a hugely popular movie. It's a terrific film, it's a favorite of mine and it affected several generations. They played it recently at the New Beverly and I went down to do a Q&A afterwards. I looked at the audience and, yes, there were a few girls there - and it was packed, by the way - but it was almost all male. I would say that the males were about 30 to 38 years old.

Yeah, that sounds about right. I'm 34 so I fall right into that demographic. I watched that movie over and over again when I was a kid.

Tom Holland: That whole generation did because it was all over cable. That would be a film that would be prime for remake, and I don't think that Universal even knows that it has it, or that it's a fan favorite. The major corporations are really so out of touch with their fanbase. The Beast Within has its own cadre of admirers, so does Class of 1984. That is another very good movie that could be remade. Personally, Cloak & Dagger is a favorite of mine. I'd love to see that re-done.

If it actually does happen, who would you like to see cast in a remake of Cloak & Dagger?

Tom Holland: You know, I don't know. You know, I always thought to myself that Kevin Kline could have played the father. It was a terribly influential film that many don't seem to know about, but at the same time, you can feel how much it's affected people. When I looked around that audience at the New Beverly, and I saw it was all male and young, I knew that generation who saw it on cable was really affected by it. It was very satisfying.

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