Movie Picture{0} Who know what it is, but Lights Out always seems to score good {1} related material! Today we actually got a hold of disc 1 of the upcoming widescreen version of the DVD coming out on August 26th! With New Line doing such a great job of releasing content from this release last month, there isn't much for us to show you, but we'll go ahead anyway!

We've got all kinds of material from the DVD for you to enjoy, so dive right in!

CLICK HERE for a quicktime movie of all the animated menus from the DVD!

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CLICK HERE for a ton of brand new screen shots from the DVD!

If you missed the story we posted last month about the DVD, CLICK HERE for the quicktime movies of the menus that came with last month's press release!

Movie Picture- OR -CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER THE DVD FROM AMAZON!!!If you're looking for details about the upcoming DVD release of The Two Towers, CLICK HERE

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