Recently we had the pleasure of sitting down with Buster Bluth himself, Tony Hale, to discuss the upcoming release of Arrested Development: Season 3 on DVD. During the interview, Hale dropped hints that the world might not be done with the Bluth family just yet, as there is talk of a movie version of Arrested Development possibly happening.

"Now, we're talking about a movie," Hale began. "I don't know if that's true but hopefully we'll be able to come together again. The last thing I heard was when we did the commentary for the third season DVD. Mitch Hurwitz was there and he said that he had talked to people about a movie, and... it's one of those things where everybody is really busy right now so who knows? That would just be incredible because it would be like having four episodes together! It's really hard to cram all of that stuff into 22 minutes."

Stay tuned for a full transcription of the our interview with Tony Hale as he discusses the August 29 release of Arrested Development: Season 3 from Fox Home Video.