This Friday, Blood Into Wine, a new documentary that follows musician (Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer) Maynard James Keenan's foray into the world of vineyards, is set to debut in select cities throughout the country. In support of the film's release, we caught up with one of Blood Into Wine's directors, Ryan Page, to find out more about this hilarious and heartfelt project. While chatting about Maynard's dislike for the camera, he dropped some interesting news. Page and his directorial partner Christopher Pomerenke are gearing up to film their comedy Queens of Country this May. And Maynard is locked to play the film's villain Bobby Angel. In even more interesting news, the script has been 'polished' by a very popular late night sketch duo whom we're not allowed to name at this time. If you've seen the trailer for Blood Into Wine, you might be able to guess who we're talking about. Page had a lot of things to say about this very interesting project. Here is our conversation:

You have quite a few surprise guest stars in Blood Into Wine. Faruza Balk. She was also in one of your other films, right?

Ryan Page: Faruza didn't make the cut. She is not in the film anymore. It had nothing to do with her. We love Faruza. We are going to start working with her again. We are making a comedy feature. It's a narrative, not a doc. We start shooting in May. It's called Queens of Country. We love Faruza, she just didn't make it into this particular film. She is an amazing artist, and we actually have her artwork all over our production office. She does amazing work, and we love her as an actress. In the end, you have to make hard decisions. Which means a lot of good people got cut out of this.

Let me ask you about Queens of Country. Is that a reference to the real Nashville Queens of Country? Like Dolly and Loretta?

Ryan Page: It's a comedy. It's not a doc. We are shooting it on May 3rd. We are also shooting it in Arizona. Maynard is going to be in that film, too. It's about a woman that lives in a small town, and she is obsessed with the queens of country. Dolly, Loretta, Patsy, Wanda Jackson. She even dresses like them. She is totally obsessed. She is in a bad relationship, and she finds an Ipod that has a Queens mix on it. The music really touches her, so she goes on a search to find them. It's really funny. We are working with (names removed for contractual reasons). I don't know if I'm aloud to say this. They did a rewrite with us. They helped us polish the script, really.

Does any of it take place in Nashville?

Ryan Page: No. It just takes place in a small town. In Arizona. It's not about going to Nashville, or anything. It's just about a woman in a small town. She is a line-dancing champion. She is also in love with herself. She is infatuated. She masturbates to her own image in the mirror.

Is the main actress Faruza?

Ryan Page: No. We are casting that right now. We want Faruza to play a supporting actress in the film. We are debating a bunch of names for the main actress right now. Maynard is for sure going to do the film. He is going to play the bad guy. His name is Bobby Angel.

Have you reached out to Dolly or Loretta about the project yet?

Ryan Page: We definitely will. We've been dealing with Blood Into Wine, and we are just now transitioning over. We will reach out to Dolly. We reached out to Wanda Jackson, and she is cool with it. She is doing a record with Jack White, of the White Stripes. He is doing with Wanda what he did with Loretta Lynn. He is getting her back on track. It's pretty neat.

Is there any chance that Jack White will be in the film?

Ryan Page: We haven't reach out to him. But he would be cool. We like Jack White. We will be reaching out to him. We just hired a casting director a couple of days ago. She is great. She did Natural Born Killers and JFK. A whole bunch of cool movies. We've just started on the casting.

Blood Into Wine opens this Friday, February 19th. We will have an epic full-length interview with Ryan Page soon. As well as information about the third film in Crispin Glover's Down Syndrome trilogy It Is Mine.