The Hub network has provided us with an exclusive clip from the Season 2 finale of Transformers: Prime, "Darkest Hour", airing Friday, November 2 at 7 PM ET. Take a look at this scene from the Hasbro Studios series, featuring a greedy Megatron expressing his desire to rule two worlds. You can also read on for details on how to catch up with this animated show with a massive 26-hour marathon starting Thursday, November 1.

The Hub TV Network, the fastest growing basic cable network year-to-date, will devote its entire schedule to The Transformers: Prime 26-Hour Takeover, a full-day marathon of the Daytime Emmy Award-winning CG-animated series Transformers: Prime, beginning Thursday, November 1, 5:30 p.m. ET. All 52 episodes from the series' two seasons will run back-to-back leading up to the all new, season two finale which premieres Friday, November 2, 7 p.m. ET.

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The Transformers: Prime 26-Hour Takeover event showcases one of The Hub's most popular series and marks the first time that the network has devoted its entire schedule to one series. The 26-hour marathon will provide viewers with an unprecedented opportunity to experience the entire story arc from the beginning of Transformers: Prime. The series is produced by Hasbro Studios.

In the half-hour action series, archrivals Optimus Prime and Megatron once again face off in their legendary battle for Earth as the Autobots and Decepticons uncover clues to change the balance of power in the war, and also potentially reviving their home planet of Cybertron.

At the conclusion of the first 51 episodes that have been presented in the first two seasons, The Hub will present the all-new season two finale, "Darkest Hour", which will forever change the Transformers: Prime universe as Megatron sets in motion a plan forcing Optimus to make a decision that has a devastating effect on the Autobot team.

The Hub Original Series Transformers: Prime was honored this year with two Daytime Emmy Awards - including Outstanding Special Class Animated Program. The wins bring to four the total number of Daytime Emmy Awards the animated series has received since it premiered in November 2010.

Additionally, The Hub has ordered a third season of Transformers: Prime and a second season of Transformers: Rescue Bots, the network's half-hour animated series targeted to a younger generation of Transformers fans.