Carrie Preston is returning to The Good Wife this Sunday, November 6th, for Episode 3.07: Executive Order 13224, where she will reprise her fan favorite role as attorney Elsbeth Tascioni on the hit CBS drama. We recently caught up with the actress to chat about her time spent on that set. We also got an update on True Blood Season 5, which returns the summer of 2012.

As Arlene Fowler, Carrie Preston has served as Merlotte's top waitress for the past four seasons, while also maintaining a strong bond with Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin). She's also had the divine distinction of birthing what many thought to be a demon baby. True Blood Season 4 ended this past summer with a few shockers. Carrie has recently gotten her hands on the script for Season 5's debut episode, and she assures us that fans will be pleased with the outcome.

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"As you know, I'm not allowed to say anything. I will say, I have read the first script. It is very exciting. It's up to the usual True Blood standards with epic proportions of new characters and drama, and comedy. You know...Romance and everything else you've come to expect...I am excited to see where it will all go myself. We start shooting right after Thanksgiving. You will definitely get some questions answered right off the bat. Then, of course, a million more questions will come up, and those will propel us through the rest of the season, I am sure. But yes, the fans will definitely be satiated almost immediately."

While Carrie Preston couldn't divulge any pertinent story details, she did offer some insight into where she'd like to see her character go in True Blood Season 5.

"Well, you know...We left it off where there was this mysterious guy that has come back into Terri's life. That is being played by Scott Foley. It will be interesting to see how that will start to impact the home life. I trust that the writers and Alan Ball will take the role to places that I can't even imagine. I try not to speculate. Because I would never have thought that I would have gotten pregnant, and that I would have a demon baby. But it's not a demon baby, its possessed by a ghost. If I tried to dream that up? I couldn't have. I just put myself in their very capable hands. And I enjoy the ride."

Though she hasn't been privy to any new casting announcements, Carrie Preston has revealed that there will be quite a few new characters this next year, when the series returns.

"I have no idea (about the casting). I am sure there will be surprises. There are new characters in the script, in just that first episode alone. I have no idea who will be playing them. We tend to beef up our already large cast with really wonderful guest players. I am assuming that True Blood Season 5 won't be any different than what they've done in terms of that previously.

Be sure to catch Carrie Preston this Sunday, when she returns to reprise her role as attorney Elsbeth Tascioni on The Good Wife.