We have a brand new exclusive clip for the new Warner Archive title Two-Faced Woman, which is available on DVD and Digital Download right now. Click below to watch our exclusive clip, which features Greta Garbo in her final movie role along with Melvyn Douglas:

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Larry Blake (Melvyn Douglas) is growing a bit blasé about his outdoorsy bride Karin (Greta Garbo). So Karin masquerades as her temptress twin, suggestively purring "I'm partial to the indoor life" in a bid to pique her husband's romantic attention - and the sophisticated fun begins! Viewers willing to suspend their disbelief (who could weary of Garbo?) are in for a double dose of the divine in the great star's final film, a romantic comedy that reunites her with her Ninotchka leading man Douglas and Camille director George Cukor. Exquisitely gowned, Garbo is obviously having a ball as the faux femme fatale, especially in a sexy south-of-the-border dance sequence that's a lot more Latin Bombshell than Swedish Sphinx.