We have a brand new exclusive DVD trailer for the upcoming home video release Two Tickets to Paradise, which will be released on DVD on September 14. Click below to take a look at this upcoming DVD, which stars John C. McGinley, Ed Harris and D.B. Sweeney, who also directed this movie.

Although life hasn't turned out the way they once dreamed, life-long buddies Mark, McGriff and Jason are managing to stay above water in their small Pennsylvania hometown. Mark, whose fleeting college football glory has morphed into a dangerous obsession with gambling, is becoming more and more estranged from his wife Sherry and son Hayden. McGriff has never let go of his rock-n-roll aspirations, but somehow he's

not the man he used to be. He's complacent, though, because of his lovely wife Kate.

And then there's Jason, who's still living with his parents and letting them dictate his life.

The guys are in for a few surprises. A shady collector forces his way into Mark's home to settle a debt, scaring Sherry into leaving with Hayden. As if that's not enough, Mark's father passes away, leaving him with the unresolved tension in their relationship. Meanwhile, McGriff comes home from work early and finds his wife in a compromising position with another man. (Who ironically is a big fan of McGriff's old band) What to do when life deals you hard knocks? Jason has the solution: With the College Football Championship Bowl tickets he won in an employee drawing at work, the three friends set out on a road trip from Pennsylvania to the Sunshine State.