During a recent interview with composer Tyler Bates for Zack Snyder's 300, we had a chance to ask him about his upcoming work on Halloween, Day of the Dead and Resident Evil: Extinction.

Can you talk at all about the scores you're working on for Halloween, Day of the Dead and Resident Evil: Extinction?

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Tyler Bates: Well, I will comment on Halloween. Obviously, I've worked on The Devil's Rejects with Rob Zombie. As you know, he's doing the Halloween film. Like what Zack did with 300... he was asked if he would be interested... in making a Halloween film and of course Rob is not going to make a sequel to anybody's franchise. He's gonna do a Rob Zombie movie. He wanted to, with respect to John Carpenter, do a rethinking of the original. Both of us are huge fans of the original and the original scene.

So I had the opportunity back in February to recreate the John Carpenter theme in a Rob Zombie aesthetic. Something that is based on the principals that we created with The Devil's Rejects, although it's a different movie. It's a different sound. It's still has a filthy underbelly. Stemming from that, I've had a lot of time to talk to Rob about things. He's shared thoughts on where he wants to take the story, he's given me the script in advance. He began shooting last week so they're going to begin sharing the dailies with me in the next week or two. With that, I have an idea of where I want to go with it. I've already created a palate of sound for it. It's pretty disturbing.

Our main goal is really to get into the psychology of the film. That's how he's written it. It's very psychological. This is one film you actually know Michael Myers as a child. You know his experience and what led him to become the being that he becomes, and what warrants that kind of action from somebody. It's pretty interesting, man. I think people are going to be knocked out by it. It really knocked me out when I read Rob's script. I'm very excited. I can't tell you, it's almost like this childhood fantasy come to life; in a very perverted way.

I'm also having a lot of fun. I'm in the finishing stages of Day of the Dead. That's with Steve Miner who actually did Halloween: H20 and a couple of Friday The 13th movies. I will tell you, I'm looking forward to the Watchmen, because at that point I will be happy not to be ensconced in horror films. Again, they're a fantastic opportunity creatively but I really enjoy working on strong dramatic material.

What about Resident Evil: Extinction?

Tyler Bates: That one should be really interesting. They're a few parallels between that and Dawn Of The Dead. From what I've seen it's easily gonna be the best movie of that series. I think they're definitely looking to get back to what the first movie was about, but to do it in a new way. The first one was rather exciting, it was pretty edgy and scary, and that's where we're going with this. It's not gonna be an orchestral score, it's probably going to be a little more obtuse musically, but I imagine it to press the psychological buttons that we aim for on these films. I'm sure it will be 90 minutes of discomfort.