While chatting with Tyrese Gibson about his role in the upcoming unrated director's cut of Death Race, which hits Blu-Ray and DVD on December 21st, I managed to squeeze in a question or two about his upcoming projects Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Luke Cage. Here is what he had to say:

Can you talk about your upcoming role as Luke Cage in the Marvel big screen adaptation of that property? Are you looking to jump directly into another franchise here?

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Tyrese Gibson: I am hoping to be a part of it. I met with Avi Arad a while ago about the project. Right now they are just starting to tweak the script. I will definitely be the first one to put my eyes on it. And we will figure out what happens after that.

How do you hope to see the character of Luke Cage evolve on screen? Do you have any ideas about what you want to bring to the project?

Tyrese Gibson: I really can't speak on it too much. It is something that I am really exciting about potentially being a part of.

Can you tell us a little bit about what Sgt. Epps is up to in this summer's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen?

Tyrese Gibson: Yes, my character has been upgraded to Master Sergeant Epps. I am the top dog in the air force. I am a master sergeant. I am bringing on way more air strikes. Michael Bay really beefed up my presence in this sequel. I was really happy about that. Just being on the set with all of my cast members really made me feel like we'd created a family union. I think we created something that is really special. The fans out there really showed up and made us feel appreciated for what we did. It felt good to be working on something that the world is waiting to see.

Can you talk about any of the new Transformers that you are going up against?

Tyrese Gibson: No. I can't. I'm sorry. It's all secrets. Its way more robots. There are a whole bunch of new robots that the world is going to be introduced to. There is going to be way more action sequences. All of the stuff that goes on is really insane. What I love the most? I can purposely say this. I have never done nothing in my life, or been a part of anything in my life, where I feel like ever man, woman, and child in the world is going to see something that I've been in. And it's a lot of pressure. It is something...I don't know. It's just a lot of pressure. It's like someone telling you that, while it might be a messed up comparison, a tsunami is going to hit in seven months. And you can see the tsunami before it comes. How do you prepare for that? That's how I look at Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It is just so big, and just so gargantuan. It is just really amazing. I am glad to be a part of it. Michael Bay is amazing. Spielberg, Shia, Josh, Megan. Also, you guys should be looking out for Matthew Marsden. He is a British actor. He was the head of the UK forces that are tied into the film. It is going to be pretty crazy. I want to leave you with this fan hotline number, because I am so hands on. I communicate with my fans directly. I have a number, and it's free. I am not making any money on it. Nor are the fans charged for calling. The phone number is (818) 287-8968. It is just full throttle communications with the fans. They can reach out and make whatever suggestions they want to make. Or whatever. I am always looking to better myself in all areas.

Luke Cage is currently in the planning stages. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen hits America on June 26th, 2009.