EXCLUSIVE: VFX Legend John Dykstra Praises George Lucas for Tweaking ‘Star Wars: The Complete Saga’ Blu-ray

The acclaimed Visual Effects supervisor who worked on the original ‘Star Wars’ believes a director should always be able to change any film.
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Visual Effects supervisor John Dykstra comments on George Lucas tweaking Star War on Blu-ray Visual Effects Supervisor John Dykstra is a legend in the business who has worked on such timeless classics as Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, Spider-Man, and Inglourious Basterds. His latest handiwork can be seen in the exceptional summer superhero adventure X-Men: First Class, arriving on Blu-ray and DVD this Frist Class Friday, September 9th. While discussing this Marvel Mutant prequel, we asked John what he thought about George Lucas tweaking three of the six movies included in Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray, including his own work in A New Hope.

Some might think otherwise, but John Dykstra is actually okay with his work being changed, tweaked, and even sometimes destroyed by his director. This is what he had to say.

"God love him! He should tweak it until his heart's content. You never finish a movie. It is always pried from your grasping hands. There is always something you can fix. Does it always make it better? Mmm...That is questionable. I think executing something, you make decisions as you execute, in terms of priority. Sometimes those priorities are formed by more than just whether or not it was a good technical execution."

Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray arrives with its digital facelift on September 16th.

X-Men: First Class arrives on Blu-ray and DVD this Frist Class Friday, September 9th.


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  • skywise • 4 years ago

    NO MORE TWEAKING. They were masterpieces before Lucas began fiddling with the originals. I mean understand cleaning up some of the anomolies but i just cant get on board with all this added gabage. Just my 2 cents.


    • bungalow359 • 4 years ago

      I'm with you mate. Anything they can do to make it better, improving the special effects only adds to the whole story. Imagine if they went back and redid all the effects for the original films you know it would look amazing.


      • brady1138 • 4 years ago

        I am one of the few individuals who actually doesn't mind the changes. I'm getting really sick of all the overreaction to this: on Amazon.com I read a lot of "reviews" that roughly read: "I had finally come to terms with the Special Editions and had pre-ordered this back in January, but now that Darth Vader says NOOOOO! in two seconds of the movie, I'm going to cancel my order." Seriously? Would I like to have the originals available on Blu-Ray? Certainly, but will I let these changes (some of which I actually really like) "destroy my childhood"? Certainly not, but for those who actually think the little Special Edition changes ruined the entire movie and their childhood must have lived a very shallow and mis-prioritized existence. Seriously, with people STILL, after about 15 years, complaining about the changes, it's starting to get a little pathetic. Get over it, guys and just deal with it.


        • zanyzap • 4 years ago

          Lucas had a blaster pistol to his head.


          • SpeedyEric • 4 years ago

            I also don't have a problem with the little changes being put into Episodes I, IV, and VI, as long as it doesn't interupt the most important thing that made this entire saga popular and successful: THE STORY!

            John Dykstra makes a good point about a film never being completely finished. It's like reorganizing a home, or putting together your movie collection.


            • jasonkat • 4 years ago

              I have no prob with tweaking Star Wars or any film for that matter!, I could care less what gets deleted or upscale. I get tired of hearing sum people bbitch and complain over lil parts of the film veing changed around. I dunno... why in the hell would u want an "org" when alot could b done to make it better?. i mean like "avatar" that box set comes with 3 diff versions of the film and its "awsome", unlike most of u i loved the "extended" version alot more than the org, There4, if they ever made 1 of those box sets for star wars, the extended version would and should b "gold", not... that old crappy org. Think of it as 1 of those "not shown in theaters" type of movies. you get to see more.

              You know what would b great for star wars? that whole DBOX thing that has been going around. the dts and 5.1 sound would make it better as much as the upscale 1080p plus re-added clips, all these things would b great, but noooooooo people just want the org. u guys r like that damn lollypop. we would never know how long it will take u to get to the center and stop ur cryig, lol.


              • slysnide • 4 years ago

                As Ben Burtt once said, "Films are not released. They escape."


                • jae1169 • 4 years ago

                  George Lucas will keep on milking the star wars franchise till he dies. Why release something new and innovative when all he has to do is tweak it package it and sell it again to the fans and wait another five years and do it all over again...


                  • ghostman • 4 years ago

                    Now, i understand what George Lucas is doing: He wants Star Wars to look the way he imagined it back in 77' and if it takes him 30-50 yrs to get it right, let him do it.


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