We have two brand new exclusive clips from the upcoming mockumentary Adopted, which will be released to DVD shelves everywhere on June 15. Click below to take a look at these videos, which features Pauly Shore taking an awkward cab ride, as well as kicking a woman out of his car.

In Adopted, Pauly believes that he can leave his playboy past behind for good and start an instant family - as many other stars have done. After getting help from a social worker friend, Pauly practices fatherhood by taking an orphan-a-day while he explores a strange country full of weird and wonderful people, with disastrous and side-splittingly funny results. Meeting real people in actual chaotic situations along the way, he stumbles along the adoption trail, stepping on toes and poking fun at the current fascination with celebrity adoptions.

Special Features:

  • Odwa Dances
  • - Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela
  • - Pauly and Faith lost in a bad neighborhood
  • - Faith dresses Pauly