We have two brand new exclusive DVD clips from the brand new DVD set I Love Lucy: The Movie, which arrives on the DVD shelves everywhere on April 27. Click below to watch these two exclusive clips from this new DVD featuring the "lost" Lucy movie.

In 1953, three classic first season I LOVE LUCY episodes ("The Benefit," "Breaking the Lease" and "The Ballet") were edited together with newly-filmed connecting seasons to create this never-before-released feature-length film. In I LOVE LUCY: THE MOVIE, Lucy and Ricky perform together at a benefit for their landlords the Mertzes, which leads to an argument, a lease disagreement and a reconciliation. This movie was lost for nearly half a century after Desilu shelved it in 1953 to avoid competition with Lucy and Desi's first M-G-M movie, "The Long, Long Trailer."

Special Features:

  • "Lucy Goes to Scotland"
  • - TV Academy PSA (Revised)
  • - Emmy Awards
  • - The Ed Wynn Show
  • - Series Premiere Opening
  • - Rear Window
  • - Animated Commercial
  • - Here's Johnny!
  • - The Ballet - TV Version
  • - Handcuffs/Movie
  • - Wilbur's Hands