We have five exclusive clips from the brand new double-feature DVD Hatching Pete/Dadnapped, which just hit the DVD shelves on May 12. Click below for our five exclusive clips that will take you deeper into the action.

In Dadnapped, fourteen year-old Melissa (Emily Osment) is struggling with a unique kind of sibling rivalry. To get her father Neil's (George Newburn) attention, she has to compete with teenage spy Tripp Zoome, the main character in her father's best selling novels. Her dad spends so much time on

his imaginary son's exciting missions that even Melissa's special daughter-dad vacation gets interrupted by a promotional event for Neil's newest book. But when Neil is abducted by overzealous fanboys and falls into the clutches of a pair of sinister brothers, the fictional Tripp can't save him and

Melissa will have to try to channel her "inner Zoome" to rescue her dad.

Special Features:

  • Unmasking The Mascot - A Hatching Pete bonus feature so viewers can find out what it's really like inside the suit!

A bashful high school student finds fames as a high-flying poultry impersonator in Hatching Pete. Pete's (Jason Dolley) best friend Poole (Mitchel Musso) wants to keep up his family's longstanding tradition of playing their high school mascot, the Chicken, but Poole is allergic to the costume. Pete agrees to stand in for his pal, but only on the condition that his identity remains a secret. The anonymity of the Chicken suit gives Pete the freedom he's always dreamed of and a whole new personality emerges. His unexpectedly outrageous antics make the Chicken an instant celebrity - except no one knows it's Pete. As Poole reaps the benefits of his pal's talent, Pete must decide if it's time to reveal that he's the man behind the beak.

Special Features:

  • Exclusive Extended Ending
  • - Trip Zoome: Off The Rails: An Animated Graphic Novel