Have you ever wondered what happens to you after you fall asleep? Most people assume that they just lay there in their beds all night but for a certain amount of the population the truth is much scarier. A recent survey revealed that one in fifteen people suffer from this disorder and in some cases even become violent during their episodes. What if you committed a murder in your sleep and didn't even know it? Well that's exactly the subject of the new independent film, In My Sleep opening on April 23rd. The movie is a suspense thriller about a self-admitted sex-addict who suffers from sleepwalking and realizes that he may be up to no good at night when his best friend's wife is murdered and he finds the bloody knife in his hands when he wakes up the next morning. We recently had a chance to sit down and speak with the film's director, Allen Wolf and it's star, Philip Winchester, about the new film; it's frightening subject matter and it's talented cast of actors. To watch our exclusive interview please click on the video clip below.

In the film In My Sleep, Marcus (Winchester), a disoriented, alone and barely dressed, man wakes up in the middle of a cemetery and he has no idea how he got there. But this is not the first time this has happened. In fact, lately when he wakes up, Marcus has to ask himself the same startling questions: Where was I last night? Who was I with and how did I get here? Marcus suffers from a rare form of sleep disorder that causes him to do things in his sleep, which he can't remember the next day. Complicating matters, Marcus is disillusioned with his life and seeks solace in alcohol and women. Hoping to deal with his use of one-night-stands to escape his problems, Marcus joins a Sexaholics Anonymous support group, where SA sponsor Derek (Michael Badalucco) helps him work through his problems. One morning he wakes up next to Ann (Kelly Overton) who happens to be married to Marcus' best friend, Justin (Tim Draxl). This eats away at Marcus, but he doesn't know what to do. Justin and Ann throw Marcus a surprise birthday party. Marcus unwraps presents and receives a large knife that, judging from the handwriting on the tag, he appears to have sent to himself. The tag reads, "Use wisely. - Marcus." The next morning, Marcus wakes up covered in blood, the knife by his side, the police ringing his doorbell. He rushes to hide the evidence from the cops, all the while frantically searching for answers. His neighbor Becky (Lacey Chabert) might hold a clue when she mentions that she heard him leaving the apartment the night before. Then comes the news that Ann has been found dead, stabbed to death. Marcus is scared to put together the pieces, as he questions himself, "Could I have murdered Ann ... In My Sleep?" Struggling to deal with Ann's death, Marcus processes his grief in his SA group, where he meets Gwen (Abigail Spencer), whom he covertly uses to help his investigation into whether he killed Ann. As conflicting evidence surfaces, Marcus wrestles with his past while he races to discover the truth, hopefully before anyone else ends up dead.