We have a brand new exclusive special features clip from the upcoming DVD, Andromeda Strain, which brings the strain home to DVD on June 3. Click below to watch a video where Benjamin Bratt and other actors discuss the challenges of blue/green-screen work.

An entire town is killed by a mysterious virus brought to earth by a returning satellite. A search through the town reveals two survivors: a baby and an old man. Why the virus spared them could provide the key for immunizing the populace. A crack team of scientists isolates themselves with the survivors in an underground laboratory, and now they only have a few days to find a cure before the world is destroyed.

Special Features

- Audio commentaries (with Director/Co-Executive Producer Mikael Salomon, Executive Producer David W. Zucker, Executive Producer Tom Thayer, And Editor Scott Vickrey)

- Visual effects breakdowns

- Terra Incognita: Making The Andromeda Strain featurette

- Photo and design gallery

- Trailers